Saturday, 25 March 2017

Lifestyle: “I TALK TO YOU…”

I was thinking of ‘Kelly Clarkson, Because Of You [LINK]’. **MAY BE TRIGGERING. VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK. Haha.

Lifestyle: “I TALK TO YOU…”
FIG1: free snowflake gif [link], free blue ombre [link]


By this post (blog title), I've seen lately I'm more engaging audiences, and talking towards you, as the reader.
I honestly didn't realise the change, but, I did read (other blogs) and notice, it's more welcoming, natural, and relaxing.

As a blogger, - yeah, I know (person titled as) - it's a nice thing to see. As this is a “anything blog” (versatile as they call it), you, the reader, get to read parts of my life/thoughts/creations, etc. However with this, I'd like to hear your side too.
I love the interaction, of reading what your thoughts are on the blog post(s). It creates a conversation. And maybe, just collabing.

Example Post(s):

FIG2: my little pony fan art [link]

Anyway, you read this, and I read that. It's a happy feeling. Plus always, feel welcome on this blog.
This blog is a free read, and so is what I express here.

Take care,

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