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Starting A Blog: A Tutorial

This is a special post. Set from the Beau Bloggers Community [link], run by Lauren [Google+] + [blog], we are involved in the 'Big Blogging Challenge'.

From this, Chloe X [Google+], from basciallychloe [blog link] and I, were set to do 'A Tutorial'.

From ideas, we thought we both have blogs. So, we came up with starting a blog as a tutorial.

If you're a beginner, or looking for tips:

On Chloe X's blog [link], there shall be the use of colour(s) to deciding the best look(s) for your blog.

On my blog, there shall be choices from blogging, to who can blog.

* a blog could feature someone's expression, or could be from a company.


1. Deciding
2. With Or Without
3. Subject?
4. Written or Drawn
5. Public or Own View
6. Behind the Scenes
7. Extension

1. Deciding
Starting a blog can be difficult, whether you have your own website, or trying to find a suitable blogging website.
- always do research
- find a blog platform for you, and goes with your needs

My recommendations: WordPress [link], Blogger [link], Tumblr [link]
(And there's many more that can be used).

2. With Or Without
No matter if you want to do it solo, or with a group, blogging can be for anyone.

- you can put what you would like, in your blog (I will explain this later)

A Group:
- you may put your ideas together (a collab)
- each person could be connected to the blog (I will explain this later too)

3. Subject?
This can be simple or difficult. To start with, you could decide to:
- do blog posts about anything
- do something you are passionate about

This gives you freedom, to express things in your own words.

My recommendations (ideas for inspiration): magazines, newspapers, pinterest [link]
(Some magazines and newspapers, have websites also).

* blog post: this is what media or text you put into the blogging platform, before publishing to read and view it on your blog.

4. Written or Drawn
You have a blog, found your subject, etc., now where to begin.
Most helpful would be to:
- see the things you have
- the text to feature in your blog (this could relate to basicallychloe's blog post [link])

As a recommendation, you could:
- view what you have written, even in past times
- write down your different ideas, ex. notebook, diary, etc.
- use a media item, ex. mobile, word document, etc.

* there are times when it is good to write, take photos, improvise, etc.

5. Public or Own View
The one thing you may like with blogging, is the private to public options. This goes with 'With Or Without' (no. 2).

In blogging options, there should be a selection for:
- public view
- private, with choice of selected people
- private

- private is a good option, if your planning your blog, and you don't want others to view it (progression). Until you're ready, share to the public.

*public means anyone can view your blog.

6. Behind The Scenes
This is your settle time, where you have your blog. You can:
- view your posts
- come up with your next one

- always do a end review, or keep copies of your posts. You can look back at your blog posts.
- gaining a second opinion. For this, I showed my blog to people I know. It was to see their thoughts, created support for my content, and allowed feedback.

7. Extension
- blogging communities
- Blogger network(s)
- free sample
- reviews
- discovering other Bloggers

Things that could help you enjoy, and continue blogging.

- sharing to social media, and friends and family
- viewing comments, replying and keeping comments, (in a document, a helpful given tip), helps as an encouragement to you and your readers

Last thought:
* "Always have fun blogging, and post what YOUR happy with"

If you have any other tips, or need further help, feel free to comment, or contact us.

To view basciallychloe [link], for the look and colours for starting a blog.

Take care,
Posting V Projects

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