Wednesday, 2 March 2016


This is a collab post with Abi from the awesome blog, a cuppa and a half. Feel free to view.

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So, we decided to do "Spring Memories", and I can just agree with her on her post, of the blossoming of the buds on trees and flowers, and Easter that comes around in March.

For this subject, I did think about my greatest Spring memory. It would be the time I went "back home" to Jamaica. But, before I start, this shall be a story. You've been warned :).

In Spring 2005, we got a surprise that we were travelling to Jamaica. This would be the first time me, and someone I know, would be going back there. So I was excited, however they knew already.

All I could think about on the day, was that my toys need to come home with me too. I've had them ever since I was two, so yeah.

So, we travelled to Gatwick Airport, in London, and it was so different but, it felt refreshing...apart from feeling sick on the coach 🚌. Sorry. (travel sickness).

Travel Sickness Experience:

- Job Searches + Troubles...?,

McDonalds Logo We got to eat (McDonalds, breakfast), got the tickets, went toilet at least and waited to get on our plane. Seemed all simple, it was.

When we were on the plane, I honestly thought I'd be scared but I was actually relaxed. We got 'British Airways' and it was comfortable. They made you feel like you were at home, and the tv was good to the radio. Can't say nothing bad about it (I heard them on watchdog since. I hope they change).

We landed in Jamaica, I don't remember the airport. It was hectic, but we took to the road, the view was good, really relaxing and the places looked so green, to orange 🍊, lolls.

We saw people we hadn't seen in ages, went back to the place we lived and did some needed shopping 🏬. We were going to the beach. It was awesome.

The only downfall, was that me and my dad (RIP) got mosquito bites. WHHHHHYYYY?!!! We had to put a lot of 'Bay Rum' on. It was nuts. Don't underestimate wearing jeans 👖 /trousers either. Jeez.

What I Packed...(well, thought to pack):

- home toys (x2)
- cd player/cds
- TAMMY bag (free)

We went to church, saw the pastor, and we went to my aunties grave (RIP). It was lovely up there. Peaceful, happy and mournful.

When it was time to go home...wait...I forgot the dog 🐶 Rover. Rover was so cute, and had a pink nose. He was CUUUUUTE. His sadly "runaway" as we just know.

Other than that, going home was nice. When we came back to the UK it was COOOOOLD. We were so not feeling it. If we remembered, we would have put on sweaters.

Apart from that, it was good to be back home. We said if we were to go back, we would do the tourist root, which I do recommend. All inclusive as said.

I did keep a diary, and had to do homework while I was there. See school, we do have stuff to do while we're off, meeeh.💃

So, yeah, this is my most favourite Spring memory.

I do hope you get to check out Abi's blog, you'll love it.

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Until next time, take care.


  1. Loved this post, and I know I have already said this a million times, but thanks again x

    1. No worries, and thank you for the involvement. It was truly fun. Take care, and good luck. One thing I forgot is your mention, but hopefully your collab month goes well. Take care again :)