Sunday, 20 May 2018

Lifestyle: Artwork + Health

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Digital can have its ups and downs, its variety of good and bad things. But when you can still produce something, from any circumstances, it helps boost a good mood most times.

This is an artwork, I guess, I produced. This I call a graphic form, if I design this way. I say this because, sometimes I just can't do paper and pen, and I just get that feeling to design something. Looking for a paper and pen, isn't what I needed at this time. I needed to design, due to this idea, that came up, and this digital format, thing, was available.

I miss doing completed work. However, when my head is in a bad state, then I just do quick sketches, drawings, and so on. Even if it's just writing ideas, or something on my day off.- designated day off. I need to stick to that.
The bad case, of a workaholic ***dizzy head***.

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So, I wanted to do this post today. To showcase WHY my work, isn't up to standards, isn't fully completed, or whatever they would call it. Just. To. Update with you.

Hope you like this.

Take care.