Saturday, 28 July 2018

Hypo-allergenic: READY TO TRY MAKEUP AGAIN...?

I've not been TO interested in make up, due to not being able to wear it.

Hypo-allergenic: READY TO TRY MAKEUP AGAIN...? 1
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My first make up was a gift. Them sets you may get as a child or teenager. 
It was nice to have, due to being creative and just doing whatever, (mostly eyes designs) with it. Obviously, in them times, make up at school had to be little,... But I didn't mind when they said, no make up at school, later on in school years. - To be honest, I wanted to make styles with it. 

Lucky we had parties, and fun activity days. THEN you can put some on. Ha.

I always liked designing, different looks. - I don't know how it would be described.

Came the one day, when I couldn't wear it anymore.
I LOVED eyeliner. And when they came up with liquid ones, I was ready for my next gift. Hehe.
First thing that happened, was one of my eyes started to get irritated, then both of them. It got watery, and all that junk, that happens with allergies. Spots, itchy skin, and so on.
And so, I started to not wear them.
I threw away make up, when they became expired.

Lucky before that, I used some of them for my artwork. (I'll have to find them. Some are on writing books. Ha - feel free to remind me later, if possible).

So, I question, "should I try it again?".
Of course I would test on my skin first. To view the products I may be, able to use, and discover what is available
. Am I ready...? Yes.
Otherwise, doubt it because:

1. I'd have to get them, to try them. 

There's a few I saw, and read up. I'll have to be careful with using them.


2. I HATE irritation. It is a pain, and CAN become painful, to unbearable, and may leave my skin worse from using/testing product(s).

So, ...why would I use it...? Why would I try make up again...?
I have always liked make up. Get to look different. Try new textures/formulas, FOR example: eye pencil, to liquid eyeliner.
And I LOVE being creative.

So, - another one - I would/want to do reviews on them.
See how they act, see how they do, and so on.
Of course I'd be honest. And example, if they don't work, for me,  from day one, I'd honestly say it. I'd either throw it away, OR make something - such as art/(design) - from them.

Hypo-allergenic: READY TO TRY MAKEUP AGAIN...? 2
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That's a decision.
Other than that, I'd say the colour for a lips product(s), and palette(s) are lovely,.... But are tempting me. Not going to lie.
Ones' that have got me to engage in couragement are:

- No7, Boots (store/shop) [link]
- CoverGirl [link]
- e.l.f [link]

I may start with them, or from the list seen, here - 9 BEAUTY BUYS YOU DIDN'T KNOW WERE HYPOALLERGENIC,  [link] 

We'll see.
However, I'd like to know your thoughts too.
Ever tried any of these, either?

Take care, and feel free to say, anytime.