First Time Blogging:
Before I started my first blog, 'takeflightx' [renamed Living, Writing + Posting], I wanted a place to say whatever I wanted and what ever was on my mind. However, I did not know what to write about (that was interesting) and an interest for people to view (conscience thought). It didn't work, because my mind was blank.

Inspired by 'Ugly Betty', E4, and creating projects after 2 years or so, I thought to put my school work (with corrections) and diary writings in one place. This worked well.

For the other projects, which are my blogs I wanted to showcase my artwork, create a dress up website, create accessories to wear and a place where all artists could showcase their artwork and allow companies to view their work and sponsor them, etc.

For the blogs, most were made but were hard to maintain. Two blogs, designer blog Spec-tacular and Living, Writing + Posting have been a success.

For now, I have brought all the uses of those blogs into this blog to allow you to view what I am doing and set to do. Personal and work form.

May you take care and enjoy. Mind the read.

*In the meantime, if you have a blog, please link within the comment section of my blog

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