Thursday, 23 March 2017

Lifestyle: IF I WERE TO BLOG,

Update on SPOTLIGHT [link]. I've been listening to the Rooster Teeth's, and collab podcasts - **MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES.

Lifestyle: IF I WERE TO BLOG

They talk about what may be happening nowadays, things within the company, and just...anything.

*Latest post [link]

*For the past months, I was on work experience, at British Heart Foundation [link].
I haven't been able to post that much, due to the hours, and my health [link].

It did go really well. People are friendly, it helped create a routine, and I'm still figuring out, how to be open with colleagues, to managers, about my condition.

As some Readers will know, my dad passed away, of an heart attack, in 2010 [link].

Lifestyle: IF I WERE TO BLOG
So, I helped within the charity as much as I could, and I was grateful to help alongside their team. Thanks to them, and what they set to do.

Have there been anything you've been liking lately?

Feel free to share, within the comments section (below).
Thank you, and take care.


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