Thursday, 3 March 2016

Rant: SAY IT AGAIN....

I just wanted to do a post today, from some things that have been happening lately. I have to be real, right...?

I know I did a blog post yesterday - it was great - so, I don't really like to 'correspond' in a way where there's this post, to that post, and next days, and so on. I like to read things in my own time, than catch up reading. It's just me.

To talk about now, is "I haven't worked for over a year", and I've been saying this none stop this year. And, it's bugging me.

It's bugging me, because no one listens, no one cares enough, and no one acknowledges, how difficult it is to manage my health these days. Why do they think I haven't been to work, in a year...?!

Now to say so, which I wanted to have, was a video chat Saturday. Yeah, life long, (short) dream I've been wanting to do. But you know what, I'm just really ashamed of how others, may react to some things that, they can't even control.

Thank You For The Venom _ Music Is Life _ Pinterest
Just "give me drugs" and I'll be on my way. NO!!
My Chemical Romance was right all along, "give me all your poison,..." And such. Because all I'm getting, is towards a grave I can't even afford. No thank you.

On the tip of all this, I'm actually gradually getting help from others who do care. Others I know, other health professions, and just seeing the ones, that really understand, "yep, you need this and this done" and that's it. That's all I ever wanted.

I had to wait from last year for that.

New Year's Dress/New Year's Resolution(s)
One step closer...?


And now, I'm gradually getting a brain test, to actually know what's going on in my head. I am scared, but hopefully it's not as serious as said.
If you know about it, then feel free to mention. I would like to chat about it.

So, in the news it's no stranger. Patient neglect is slowly creeping in, and I'm one of them. However, I'm not one to "complain" about wrong doings. More than once, is enough in some cases.

I think this is going to be a rant post, because I've been repeating myself lately, and I'm just tired.

It's not been and is not good on my health at all, I want to live my life, and I want to accomplish things, whether how big or small. I say that for now.

If you have any ideas, or motivational things, posts/vids, etc. that may help with now, or my wanting to do a chatty-sit-down vid, then please feel free to share.
I say please, because I'm wrecking my brains out, on how I could talk to/in a camera for now (I don't have Voice Recorder, at the moment).

Thank you chickadis of the day.

Take care now,

P.s - I'm really loving, to doing graphics right now. I'm so proud, because I've searched and tested different ones, (software...?).

- Conversed,

- Conversed #2,

I designed these today. Both Converse inspired. I love 'em. 😊


  1. Good post, if you ever need to talk, then I am here x
    Chloe x

    1. Thank you so much. And that's really cool to know, so thanks so much. I haven't been able to chat with you or with Beau Bloggers since (gadget issues), lolls. Take care always, and thanks again, and for your thoughts :)