Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year's Resolution(s): 2016

Today, I thought I would talk about my New Year's resolutions (I was having trouble spelling it).
In Dec, I thought through these and what I would like to do/start to do in the new year.

And these are them:

Take More Photos

New Year's Dress/New Year's Resolution(s)
I 1) started using Instagram (@xImmortalMindsx), and 2) I haven't shared much. So, for this year, it would be a start to showcase what I do, similar to a background insight, away from blogging to mostly designing.

Get A Brain Scan

New Year's Dress/New Year's Resolution(s)
This has been long awaited, and suggested by people I know. I suffer with migraine, however I have been having headaches more frequently, so now I feel it's time to do this. Iffy-but (iffying + butting) has come to a conclusion :).

Once A Week, Go Skipping

New Year's Dress/New Year's Resolution(s)
1) I've always wanted to do this, and 2) it was clarified to me a week a go. This would be good for me, because I loved/love skipping. I hopefully shall go to the park, which I never had in mind. Dear me.

Anyway, I hope you liked my little insight on what I hope to do/accomplish this year, keep you updated? Plus, what did you think of the images?

Take care for right now,


  1. These resolutions are lovely and the pictures are so cute!
    Elise |

    1. Thank you so much, and that's really nice of you to say. May you take care :)