Monday, 20 March 2017

Subject: Cruelty-Free

I've been thinking about this for the past months/years (huff), and, to be's here!

Praising the companies who allow their products, to not be tested on animals, is a big step for them.
I don't mind if they're "well used". But they're past use, to tech and others' uses, is and should be a step towards not doing things to animals. Especially, for THEIR OWN benefit.

So, along with Izzy's post,, I have been wanting to be aware, of product(s) testing. How, and what they use.

I do notice the cruelty-free logos, the declarations, and which companies who are going cruelty free. Plus, ones I thought were crulty free. I find it disappointing to view on the sites, they were not. My favourite...Rimmel. (For example).

I like their nail varnish, and I feel dreadful. It feels like putting animals blood on my own nails. Sounds dramatic. One reason (example), they test on animals, is so WE as HUMANS, don't get a reaction.

If us, as people, start being aware of cruelty free products, I'm guessing other companies will start to follow. We have the tech, and mind, not to treat animals in a certain way.

Isn't it time to break from the past...?

What's your thoughts on this? Does it bother you, or you are FINE with this?

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