Saturday, 30 April 2016

Lifestyle: THE WAY I AM...?

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I didn't really know what to say right now, but I have free time. Great that it's a Saturday.

This day, news doesn't come on at 1pm. I get to do whatever - I honestly would be doing work right now, you know, drawing. But that's only half of the day. So looking back, I blogged near the end of March, and now we're near the end of April.

I'm not surprised it's taken this long to blog again. I haven't been well.


My depression - let's start...I'm disappointed in anyone who fakes any condition -, is the prime example, of days without blogging.

My brain is not in a "good enough state" right now, but I know saying things, is the only way I can do right now. (I am seeking help).

For these past weeks, I've just been nowhere, ill and trying to support myself. I always would like something good to say in my posts, but from reading blogs, and just focusing on things that make me happy, has been helpful.

Sometimes things don't have to be said, to show what a person may be going through, or may not even have an issue.

Right now, my Twitter feed ( is cramped with YouTube feeds. That's most what I do. Although, the other little part is creating outfits, searching on, and looking at artworks' on

I don't know, it's what makes me relax my mind I guess.


I watched Maze Runner - reading near the start still, - I'm freaked out. And I'm over The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. If I knew these would be freaky, I would have never watched them. I'm sorry. The books are freaky too (good descriptions).
I haven't slept good since two days a go. But that's 3weeks since.

I'm sorry. But, yes everyday I'm tired. It puts a lot of trouble, that I've only done one design since last week, out of other things I wanted to do. Ex. I recorded a video...last month I guess. (date on video?)

Oh, what I'm into right now is...I forgot what it was. But last time I designed, it was a wedding dress, but obviously with a twist. I'm getting back into "weird-ish" designs. I actually wanted to be a Costume Designer.

I hate this "writing" already. I was going to do a facts kind of thing. But I guess I forgot.

Take care, xImmortalMindsx


P.S. - I'm listening to Classic FM.
I've been listening to it mostly this month. While reading blogs, looking at artwork and searching reference for whatever I'm trying to do. Ha.


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    1. Thank you so much :D. Take care. Hope you're work is going really, really well.