Tuesday, 8 March 2016


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"17. Share a goal and outline how you plan to achieve it.", - http://www.molly-greene.com/101-blog-topic-ideas/

I was stuck on what to blog today, because I REALLY wanted to blog. But I guess I had nothing, from actually HAVING something.

So, this idea came up. It was to 'share what I'd like to achieve, and how', with you.

As you may know or have seen, I love to design. The sort of designs I've mostly showcased are fashion, and that is what I like to do.

I wanted to do fashion design, but now I like fashion illustration.

- http://keelo15.deviantart.com/art/Fans-1-2-290136131, [BETTER VIEW]

Fans 1 (2) by keelo15 on DeviantArt
- http://keelo15.deviantart.com/art/Fans-1-2-290136131, [BETTER VIEW]


- What I Wanted To Achieve,

* to get into the artist/designer industry, by working for a company.

* seeing my designs/clothes in stores


* selling my own clothes, in my own store (community supported).

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However, plans have changed. They've changed due to my health deteriorating, and not feeling confident to even start this "adventure", I'd call it.


- Plans For Now,

* gaining a way for my work to be sold, even if it's just one

* allowing my work to go offline, such as self-ad, telling others, etc.

* first ever one was, showcasing my work (jobless)...

...and I gradually do this last one.

Whatever the future may hold, for my designs and me, I'm just thankful for this talent. I'm just grateful to be honest.

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This idea is what I got from a website, from searching: BLOG IDEAS,

- WEBSITE: http://www.molly-greene.com/101-blog-topic-ideas/

And the search, actually came up with a lot of results.

I do hope you liked, my blog post in a way. It's actually a mind opener for me, due to knowing what I liked, and the ideas I had, over the years.

Live your dreams. Good living, and good luck :)

Group of_ If you keep believIng the dream that you wish will come true ___
Take care,

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