Thursday, 10 March 2016

Lifestyle or Health: ON HOLD

I wanted to do a blog post today, of the things that I suffered from, to being diagnosed with depression.

I was on the road, happy to come back to be able to continue doing my notes, but the same feeling of being overwhelmed, came back again (began late 2015, this feeling).

It happens when I feel that, something I couldn't control, just found hard to deal with, or talk about, was just another thing that would take time.

It happened again today.

As the hours ticked on, I still feel  overwhelmed. I feel fine, but thinking about it, makes my stomach and head, get into a stubborn, hurtful state. I get really fidgety a lot. So, I stopped.

I'm saying this, because earlier, I REALLY wanted to blog about it (depression). But I wanted to blog, so I blogged this.
I always said, if I'm unable to blog, I would say it on my blog, and just discover why, in a way.

It's troublesome all the time.

I honestly wish I had something(s) positive to say today, but all I can think of is...
"how nasty the air was today".
I guess there was building works, going on in the distance, as I realised. But I just couldn't breath normally, so I did my "inner cocoon" look.

[Scarf over the mouth. Head down. And stay cosy in the jacket].

Actually Thinking:


"take time to discover".
Mine was: Feelings, work and art techniques

That's all for now. Take care, and I want to break this barrier. It's annoying.

 **imagining, angst hands, shaking in the air**


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