Thursday, 4 February 2016

Lifestyle: When Depression Takes Over....

When Depression Takes Over....
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Lifestyle: When Depression Takes Over...
If you may, or may not have seen, I shared a vid in drawings, of how I feel when I get through a depressive state.

- For advice, PLEASE seek a doctor/health profession, if you feel something is wrong with you. They can really help.

I know in different counties, health professions are different. You can report, and do all you can, so they don't effect others also. You don't have to settle for bad actions.

Anyway, through the heavy moment.
For the past months I've been battling my depression. It makes me not want to do anything, and just overwhelms me to the point I don't move.

I am feeling stress at the moment, but it's not my fault. This is being caused by others.
Lifestyle: When Depression Takes Over...
So, for now I'm trying to settle with what I love, and what I found grateful to do. Like yesterday, for example I just watched what I could. When I realised, it calmed me down enough to relaxation.

To the video (linked above + below), it started with being in a "dark room" in a way. "Burst of life" of being free from the feeling. And  "feeling good". For me, I imagine a lot of things too, such as for my artwork. That one (from the drawing) is "thinking/being in a daydream", to say so.

May you feel free to share your thoughts, or if you saw the vid.

Vid Ideas:...

I do have few ideas for other vids. But for right now, I won't push it beyond where I'm not comfortable.

I have seeked help in the past, so I'm able to share that with you today. However, if any case I feel myself going back to a "dark place state", I do try to write it down nowadays. This is so I can tell whoever is looking after me (doctor/counsellor, etc.), to allow them to know how I am feeling.

It does take work. However, in any case they're there to help YOU. Don't you ever feel afraid, or feel like you'll waste their time.
I felt that. But true ones (I know,  not there for the money) hear you so dearly,...even when you don't talk.

Never give up, or cave into saying, "they won't help me". They're meant to help us. And you're in control, of whatever they want to help you with.

Other than this, I hope this gives an insight to my video. Plus, the title can be daunting, but I can't hide my feeling right now.

Take care,


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