Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Beating The Rain
** This is what I chose to wear ❤

For today, it was pouring with rain (UK) while I was out.

So, before I left out, I wanted something warm to wear (a jumper), I didn't need a scarf and I matched that with a rain coat (that's originally for snow).

I chose to wear my wellies now, because my leather boots are a bit high for me, but I know I would be walking long.

Wear Recommendation:
- It needed an addition with knee high socks, but I chose to wear over ankle (to describe it) socks.

- It would have been good, if I had my leg warmers at the time.

Rainy Day Essentials:
- jumper
- knee high socks/tights
- rain coat
- wellies/boots

Well, hope you enjoyed this post, and hope you get to enjoy the rain.

Take care,

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