Sunday, 1 November 2015

Lifestyle: My Life Has Been Revolved Around Social Media...

...ever since I was at high school, we got introduced to the internet, plus ICT (Information Computing Technology, now just 'IT').

We used what we could, and we were limited to things (for our own good, thank the lord). But from this day, it is still seen, or even "pressured" by something you should do.

* I quote "pressured", because some people may not realise they do this, or do it anyway. If you know your own mind, you may see this as a hassle. No offence.
- Lesson for the day: feel fit and free in your own world, and mind.

For myself, I didn't know what social media was for, however, when I was ready to get involved, still to this day, I do it.
I only do it if:
1. For fun
2. If I'm stratified with what it can offer
3. If it supports my work more, ex. showcasing, providing inspiration, etc.

And that's what this post has come to today. This post on buzzfeed:
- InstAddiction: [link]

I could cry, or really feel for this person, the author. Feeling like you're suppose to post, comparing yourself to others, and not even getting a like on a post, etc.
Exceptance...? Online...? No.
It comes from your inner self for exceptance first. If others agree with you, then that's great.

It may be true on everyone's social media that they would like to get noticed, and for some, it is their job. It's not bad.
All I see, and thank goodness to say a YouTuber or youtubers (for example), do other things offline.
It shouldn't be seen as neccassary, just for your own, to do things.

From YouTube to offline, you, and if I could too, would showcase my work, or what I do, to others who are willing to support you, or would like to get to know you.
It could be a safe haven online, but you'll need a bigger audience if you WANT to get noticed.

This should be another story, although, before I started to think about blogging again, I passed/said ideas to people I knew.
To my surprise they lit up, and said, "are these all real, are you doing this now?". I said no, that look of disappointment, or just willing for me to have it now, was more nicely-dishearted.
1. For them liking it, and 2. That they wanted it to be real. They supported to see it in real life.

And here I am again.

I was nervous really, to put it as public for the first time (my blog).
I looked at other blogs, and was fearing of comments (the spam is real right now, never mind for now, one day to allow it to stop). And, I'm pretty happy for getting started.

Great I have views, and people who like or comment on my posts.
The greater thing is hopefully leaving a history for myself. Just from ME.

I love my work, personal work (designing, I'm still unemployed, no worries). I love blogging, and I love people who feel free to have the time to support me.

It feels like I'm putting something on the internet, and sharing as a relief for myself than having to do it. I tell you, if I could schedule right now and plan things again, I would.

I do more writing, but gradually I'm getting to share things I'm passionate about. It may not seem right to others right now, but I've always wanted to showcase my work somehow.

I hope this is the end to this post, because I want to stop. Lolls.

Take care for now.
Don't let social media overrule you, let social media be a guide, for finding your inner self. It's easy to lose yourself online.



  1. Thus is such a good post! I agree with the message in this post as you should feel comfortable with what youre publishing etc! I love your designs, and I am excited to see how your blog progresses! :)
    ~ basicallychloe xx
    Don't forget to smile! :) ~ x

    1. Thanks so much, and thank you for understanding, it actually means a lot to me *shocky-smiley-face*. Thanks so, so much :)