Friday, 30 October 2015


As Halloween draws closer, within a few hours, or now in some countries, my motivation for Halloween posts, have somehow, gone out the window.

I only had this day and tomorrow to go, but no, my "brain" has abandoned me. Fair enough.

Anyway, let alone this, I've done more than I thought I would have done. However, don't expect much for tomorrow.

Although, here are a few things I've been loving.

A few helpful things I've seen:
1) YouTube
Favs: Channel Mum, Freshblush, etc.
2) Shops (glimpsed)
3) Blogs (need to find more, I guess I was late, of course)

Further Ideas:
- implementing (using as your own, or in a different way) crafts ideas, from a book, magazine, website, etc., and placing as a theme for Halloween

- books - library, or brought
- blogs
- online - collectives, or stores

Hope these little things I've been viewing, will help to increase your creations for Halloween.

Get Cutely Spooky...or Get "Toned Up" this year.

My Theme: The New Tone, 2015
- if I were able to create an outfit;

1) Light Pink Tone Top
2) Faded Headband
3) Light Blue Wide Leg Trousers
4) And Jacket...I would have light orange, VERY light

5) shoes, I would say, light blue, but plastic

Hope you loved my imaginative look. I'll try find them, now I feel inspired. Lolls.

Take care.

- How could I feel motivated/comfortably blogging again?
- What are your thoughts on this post?

* This post was truly improvised, no writing. I would like to share my thoughts and ideas at this time. A note to share to you, and memory to keep for myself.

- Should I have blogged, or waited?
May you feel free to comment in the section (bottom).

= Halloween has to come soon. Excited, and feeling "free". This challenge has drained me, and was exciting at the same time.

= I should have listened to myself, and did a couple of days of Halloween. My fault. My bad *weary smile*.

= I seriously could give stories to you, phew.

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