Sunday, 1 November 2015

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Created with: PicsArt, featuring monster avatar, avatar creator, pumpkins design, avatar maker, past blog post design (cant see myself) and a autumn/wimtet design using PaintJoy

- see the changes of this blog, for a few minutes. Sunday fun, hopefully. Hi, and welcome to the sanity. Refresh! :) [SKILL OVER - one added image, sorry]

* posted, than corrected

* changing the blog design, would love to change it, original idea was each month, but me and digital still don't agree to this day. Tut.

So, Halloween is over and back to the normal blog design DRIBBLE. I would have liked to do a new colour for this month.
I had red, but now I saw how awful it looks (from feedback).

* to change it, I would make it lightly red, like berry red, faded.

Side Note:
Like I said in my note above, me and digital things, are not friends anymore. This makes me angry and frustrated, just like earlier this morning.

* On the other side, I care for the world, yeah, humanity. I don't understand how there's so much tech each year, and someone still doesn't have decent living. Even I'm seeing more "rich people" having issues with their lifestyle. Welcome to the real world as they say. (Whatever that means).

1. Rich people, I class them as having their big house and what not. I'm glad there's some that don't showcase as "rich" anymore. I would say their mind is sensible.

2. I say "whatever that means", I do understand what it means, but everyone can make so much of a change for everyone. And I'm in my twenties, and I knew this from like 6yrs old, so yeah, it's pretty hard to understand how things go down, instead of up.
All I can say, is be wise with what you have.

Let's not go into the "real things" that can change people's lives. *rolls eyes*.
It's a Sunday, try and chill.

I could have a story, that I'm fed up, but I'd rather be happy and enjoy the time I have. Hopefully changing peoples thoughts ways, etc. too. Impossible I know, but there's history.

* Let alone, my birthday is in 4 days, woop-te-do *dark enthusiasm*.
I'm going to dislike it, not by one year older, but things are stopping me from enjoying my time, this time. So, let's see it as Bonfire Night instead.

Apparently in the UK, Guy Fawkes got tortured because he was going to destroy parliament, while the king was there (so much for history lessons, need a brush up).
He wasn't alone, but they tortured him, to show others to fear and not do it.
Wish they taught that every year, but I guess teachers forget sometimes, not going to argue.

I honestly don't see the point in going after such little people, than just changing your own life. But that's me.

Not saying I don't feel "great" with my life, but I don't want a bunch of people, just make me miserable to live. Write a letter, and they'll throw it away, I couldn't care less.

Main Topic (Again):
Anyway, I don't know how blog design, got into talking about misery.
I'm not happy with using the same template, and design, I like changes here and there. However, it lets me focus more on blogging (which from this, is nothing).

The design side was expressing my creativity, sparking it up a little. Otherwise, I wouldn't talk about it, when I just want to document everything.

- if this was a nice enough world, do you reckon we would have to worry about fraudsters, and just dribble?

I'm off this - blog post.

I do hope you're enjoying this sort of design. I didn't include the background for some weeks, due to browsers, and such, not having a constant background on what it should have looked like.

- circles, and faded white main body blog post, background. Silly platforms.
I told you, me and digital stuff are not friends.

Take care,

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