Monday, 2 November 2015

Health + Lifestyle: When Your Insides Feel Bad V Long Comments

Long Comments:
I'm one to leave long comments. When it relates, or my mind has a lot to say, so I'll say it here now. Sorrys guys'.


When Your Insides Feel Bad:
I'm thinking of them times, when things may effect you. Could be psychically, but I mean more mentally and emotionally.
I just commented (if someone I know reads this), of how I got teased and pushed around, literally, by a long time best friend, for so many things that were not my subject to really get into.

It's unhealthy, because still to this day, I feel so weak, but a burning anger, to wanting to cry builds up. Even sharing a post is hard when you know it's personal, but everyone sees different. I'm only one person, speaking out, to many who could actually relate.

It makes no sense.
No tears...(telling myself).

If I could do my posts, as a three piece as you do for PEE (POINT, EVIDENCE + EXPLAIN) in English, I would love too, (with an image(s)). Them were the days.
So, I have no point for this blog, but as I say, more of a documentation to look back on. I really want to feel free with what I post, although I still feel like I'm not doing enough. It's so bad.

I want to share my history, with encouragement for anyone who reads my blog.
- For the past days I've been writing in my diary
- for the past days, I've been writing topics in my writing book

These things have helped to get my frustrations out of me, or anything I've done in the day to look back on it. I keep saying "I've done nothing". Well, writing what I have done, proves I've done something.

One day, I'll plan to showcase what I write, or do. At this time, it is late. I get called the "Night Owl", and that's pretty fine.

- If you have any ideas on how I could share my writing, then feel free to comment.
Lesson I've Learnt:
- Never have negative energy around you. It could haunt you so much in life. I'm no longer friends them, but they're not my enemy either.
- the "trick" is to forgive, whether religious or not. It allows you to live your life away from grudges, anger and allows happiness, if you understand what I mean. I'm more happier, to not be around negative people and things.

Take care for now.
Thank you if you've read this.


Fully Read? Comment:
"You're Making Me Crazy"

Crazy, by [Artist] + Cee lo Green

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