Saturday, 7 November 2015

Health: Autumn Worries

For this Autumn, it doesn't know whether to be warm or cold.

Migraine Trouble:
I'm finding this difficult, because the warmth can cause my migraine to be bad. And the cold, if it is too much, allows me to do a "auto-shiver", not the natural shiver, and this can cause a migraine too.

"Auto-Shiver": No worries. I've had the "auto-shiver" since I was young.
To explain it, the cold gets to my spine then builds up, until you feel cold all over. However, this then spreads in the first point of the coldness, my spine, then I shiver, once for now, which I can't control. 

Now that I'm an adult, it feels like it has got bigger in a way. It can be difficult due to my brain. I can feel it jiggle it, but I've just learnt to except it. I don't know what it is, or if anyone else has it too.

Heat Rash No-No:
The other worry, is I can get heat rash. This also can happen mostly in the Summer. Since last year, I've noticed the changes in Autumn and Winter - I don't see it as bad, but it's interesting - and I've noticed my rashes form now, in the Autumn and Winter too.

Heat Rash: To explain heat rashes, when I was young, I did get diagnosed by the Doctor. Heat rash forms when in places on the body, may heat up too much. This allows a rash, like little bumps, or skin collected lines, into big or little circle lumps.

They are treatable, but I notice some clothes can not be worn in that time. To say, I miss tights, but now, I'm 1) not allergic anymore and 2) I can't wear tights, even leggings, etc. for a long time.
All my clothes has to be airy, non-skin-clingy, and if I wear touched-skin-clothes, it can only be for a short time too.

Not bad, but love airy clothing.

Anyway, these are my worries.
These seem like the other side of how Autumn and Winter, can be less enjoyable for me.

Although, I love what Autumn and Winter brings, and I love the little things that come with it each year.

Take care,

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