Friday, 6 November 2015

Autumn/Winter: Collectives

Post inspired by:, Fashion and Beauty: My Autumn Essentials [link]

* Unfortunately, I wasn't able to link some of the shops, and a few products. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I love to buy my accessories at Matalan, Peacocks, or any street markets. They're  so warm and exactly something to fight off the cold.

Also: Umbrella. I would recommend Peacocks and AVON.
Links: Matalan, Peacocks, AVON

Candle: ASDA - George Home Sugared BlackBerry Scented Maxi Tealights [link] -
ASDA candles are the most likeable buys if you're looking for scented candles. The way they package them, allow you to smell each scent before a purchase (instore). Plus, they had a bigger version before of this scent (don't know about now).
Other Note:
I love their mini Christmas collection they have now. They amaze me each year. Well done ASDA.
Future Buys: Home Bargains
More Shops: AVON

Links: AVON, ASDA, Home Bargains

Lip Balm/Vaseline:
These could be available at your local pharmacy, supermarkets, etc. They're good for moisture and keeping chapped lips away from the cold. I've used it for years (Vaseline), but to have them available in mini tin size (they sold, and still sell them as big tubs), is handy.
The lip balm I wish I could have continued to use (allergy) was Nivea. It was moist, and easy to apply.

Links: Vaseline, Nivea - Lip Care

Shower Gel/Handwash: Senses Mood Therapy Revitalising Shower Gel [link] -
It is truly revitalising. Although I can not use this product also (allergy), it smells so good. Plus, their hand wash (fine with using this) is really nice in scent too.

Links: AVON

PJs (Pyjamas)!: 
I mostly get or as gifts, from Matalan, AVON or Studio. They're very comfortable and keep the warmth for days. I love 24Studio's pyjamas because they do some of them as sets. Example: tops, vests, shorts, etc.
Extra Items:
Invest in slippers, or slipper boots (I call them that, lolls). They're warm and super comfy.
Links: Matalan, 24Studio + AVON

Thank you for checking out my collectives, or favourites. 

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