Monday, 9 November 2015

DEAR: The Homeless In The Rain

To the homeless. We do not know you.
Where you've been, to the things you've seen. Where you've come from, but yet it rains on you.

The cold weather, we as you, need a place to go.
But where are these places, we only know.

If I could help you, I would. My life is not my own too.
I can never know all the things they went through, to this day.

I see the development around you,
The places that could be yours,
But for what?
Register? No help? Abandonment?
No, we're here to forget the less fortunate, but realism is there when we see it.

In the big city, no help from some.
In little towns, no help from some.
There are places to help you, but only willing are the one's who can, and want to help you.

I do my best for the less fortunate, from the time of seeing the homeless from childhood.
Learning about the good samaritan, to some of the rich helping to supporting a cause.

Take care for them all, I do hope one day all this will change. For them is a start at least.

The writing for the homeless, I hear. I help. I pray. All. For. You.

- xImmortalMindsx

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