Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Day 28: Three. More. Days.

I'm so excited right now. It is coming up to Halloween, but nearly the end of 31 Days Of Halloween challenge.

* I've not been showcasing this much, but I had a campaign on.
Called: Speak And Say The Words #2 [link] - (on
- this is still in aid of Mind - Mental Health Charity, and everything, and 'Gift Aid' goes straight to the charity. That'd be donation.

Daunting word, wish it could be more softer, like "helping hands" or "you'll help so much people", kind of word.

* I was doing a post yesterday, for superstitions, but I realised throughout the past week, I never give myself time from doing normal things, like watching programmes, relaxing, etc.
Cooling down the mind.

* So, Halloween is coming, and I'm so glad. I don't know whether for my mentality side to cool down from the challenge, or just the gladness to see it arrive.
My ideas have come so far, with missing dates, that's normal.
I guess I said it already, but I will still try to showcase the rest of them, because I really like, 1) being creative, and 2) I have my " spooky times" all year round too.

So, practically nearly everyday is a spooky day for me. Nothing wrong with that, is there...? *sideward mouth*

Anyway, just an excitement post, and round up of missed showcases to updates.

Take care all.

* I'll update this post in time. I wanted to post it, due to useful info/excitement.
Take care all again.

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