Monday, 21 September 2015

Update: 'Long Time, No Tackk...'

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If you may have, or may not have read before, xImmortalMindsx is on tackk (me, lolls). [page link] [link].

I updated on it, and done an 'about me', suggested by @Tackk (

It was good to do, but I wished I thought out good questions. I came up with some, at the time. So today (21/09/2015), I published a tackk, but I also showcased a recent (fun) work I did.

SideVixens (already taken)

Take care for now.
This was a quick post, as an update if any info comes up.

Thank you for reading,
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P.s. - if you see some links that are messed up, then the browser was not working correctly (don't know why).


  1. Thanks for posting. I hope you are well. :-)

    1. No worries, and surely hopefully. And hope you are well also, take care alwaysalways :D