Thursday, 24 September 2015

Update: New Video (Short) + Campaign

Speak And Say The Words #2

I updated my channel minutes a go with a short video. I don't know why it's small, but anything to give it a character, lolls.

It features (this blog), (in aid of Mind - Mental Health Charity), etc.

I wanted to do a post on the campaign, and I started it from Fri, (18/09/2015). I love this page, plus I added a text code: [SPKW52]. This allows a donation, from £1.

I chose this charity by what they do for others. They allow encouragement to talk about mental health, and this allows many others to talk about it. This creates awareness of mental health.

Other News:
other news - bubbles

I wanted to update yesterday, but I was busy to having a headache, so fail (shouldn't say that...).

So, I just about made an update today and still, it allowed some work for October. Coming together nicely to be honest. Can't wait to showcase it, but the month can hold back for a bit, until I'm better (migraine sufferer).

Take care for now, and thank you.
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  1. I love supporting charities, great post! XO -Kim

  2. What a great way to support a charity!
    Morgan |

    1. Thank you very much, that means a lot to me. Take care always. :)