Sunday, 20 September 2015

Chill Sunday: Drowsy Cold + Off Subject

Autumn Winter

Anyway, saying from the title, I have developed a cold. Temperature change body reaction is here.

But for this Autumn/Winter, I may have to be careful. Since saying I had two of my wisdom teeth removed in June, my throat hasn't fully healed. This leaves me unable to breath properly sometimes. Although, hopefully if I'm able to see the doctor, then I'll get to see what they may be able to do for me. All hopes, right?

Off Subject:

Today for my "chill Sunday" (may not be always, a series?), I wanted to talk about taking our minds off things, and allowing us to enjoy our days off. Through the bills, through the bad times, etc. it's just to enjoy that we could have time for ourselves, away from work.

If not now, then it'll happen anyway, even if you realise it or not.

So, I leave with this blog post for now, and that's me done for the day. Relax is on the agenda. Ha ha.

Take care for now,
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