Monday, 14 September 2015

My Selection Of The Collection: Sep, 2015

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Schuh: Mary Jane, by Dr Martens [link]

Dr Martens, Mary Jane's, and in flats...? I'm sold. These shoes look so good. I've never owned any Dr Martens shoes, but they look sturdy and seem good for construction work.

Old Navy: Jersey Tamis', Pack of 3 [link]
old navy, jersey tamis'
Although we have no Old Navy shops in the UK, having pack of essentials is a bargain. There's something always good about wearing Jersey clothing.

&Other Stories: Amos Mae Quote [link]
amos mae
This is the message that &Other Stories tries to give with there clothing. They aim for anyone to wear what they would, and want to wear.

Thought Before The Post:

I thought I wasn't going to blog today, because I had a slight migraine.
I went out in the day, and by finishing my rounds, my head started to pain me.
After eating I was fine, but then my headache came back again, after doing some of my work.

So, from this post I have a fading headache in a way, and I do this post because I love sharing my unique, or liked finds. It's fun, and relaxing.

Any more finds, or searches, be free to say in the comments section. I really appreciate each comment left.

* these selected, are included or searched from the company newsletter. 

Thank you, and take care for now.
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  1. Absolutely love your fashion sense! And I hope your migraines get better soon, if you haven't already, you should go to the Doctor about them. I used to suffer from multiple migraines a day so I know about not being able to get stuff done because of it. But then they gave me some tablets against it and in the last 2 months I've only had one small headache so they really worked. Its just that I know you've had them for a while so I hope you feel better soon. Anyway, I really loved this post, great job xxx

  2. You're so lucky, and no worries, Doctor knows, so thank you for your concern though. Good that yours is not like full on migraines, just that way I guess. All I would like at most is for them to be managable, it would be great. And thank you, I always thought my fashion sense was weird (just from school days, no a good response, childhood tut). So thank you, that makes me feel better. Plus, glad you liked. Take care.