Sunday, 13 September 2015

Chill Sunday: Everything Is Art...

...including yourself.

When they don't understand, people will say, "you can't make a career out of art".
I see the reaction on long time artists' faces, that they're disappointed to either frustrated.

I do this post (hopefully) to see the benefits of art around us.
Whether it be the roads, building, even yourself, you've seen, experience or you are art.

I say you are art, because you were formed.
From the time you were created (no gore), to the time you could use your human senses.

As I say, religious wise, you were created out of God's image and you're perfect.
Take another step, and consider what we think art is now. Feel free to use your human senses of what's around you.

* Human Senses: see, hear, touch, etc.
* Other Senses: spiritual, creatures, non-touched, etc.

Thank you for reading.
'Chill Sunday'...the title explains itself, lolls.

Take care for now,
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  1. Art is something that's deep with in. To be able to create is a blessing . Nice post

  2. That is so true. That's for being truthful (i know i say it at lot, lolls). And thank you ever so much. Take care, glad you liked it :)