Saturday, 12 September 2015

Mind Exhaustion


I wanted to do this post, due to saying this in a previous blog post [link].

I recently got out, of mind exhaustion yesterday (11/09/2015, Fri).

A few days a go, I came up with design ideas.
After I got to the end, of finishing a design, I felt exhausted. But not bodily exhausted, mind exhausted.

I felt sluggish, hurting (head), and unable to think of, or continue to design more. It felt unusual to me.
I've heard of mind exhaustion, but I've not experienced it before I think.

My mind does feel clearer now (except from yesterday's post [link], still haven't come up with a solid solution), but I would say what helped is:

- relaxing
- stopped what I was doing
- making notes/drafts of what's next (before plan for next time)

As a budding designer I would say, coming up with ideas is a format, to make something work for yourself.
If it doesn't work, there's no reason to end, but back ups always help.

May you take care, and try not to over work your mind. It could be regrettable, from the work you try to accomplish. Take your time.

I am pleased with what I've done, but I'll not work THAT hard again.
Plus, for my health, it makes my mind mentally unstable. And for headaches (migraine)...I'd rather not go into it. However, it did start to pain me.

Take care for now,
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  1. I hope you feel better soon !!
    your blogs are always great to read !!! new video :D


    1. Thank you so muchmuch. And I really appreciate you saying this, because I always feel they're not good enough truly. So, I thank you. Take care always, and hope to view your vid after this mesg, lolls. Thanks again! :)