Saturday, 19 September 2015

Project: 3 Outfits For Dolls

Barbie (W)
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"Doll from Mattel, passed to me, she has a ripped arm, I see she has a disability".
- description from art page [link] [Image Link]

** This doll's full name is 'Barbie White'. (The other is Barbie Brown, gift).

I did this project due to having a headache. I didn't want to aggravate it, into a migraine.
So I did this slight project. (I hope to showcase this soon).

Today, I wanted to continue to work on the '31 Days Of Halloween', I would like to do in October. But I guess it didn't go to plan (work on it) today. This is OK. Setbacks happen.

So, along with wanting to do something, I thought of this, '3 Outfits...'. I (randomly) selected them. Many of them are hand sewn.
I do have a back story to that, but short is that I couldn't afford doll clothing when I was younger. Plus, some were "not my style" I was looking for in a way. Hence creating my own.

The Sims
*This reminds me of dolls, but 'alive' versions. (I've not been able to play it).

I still do it to this day, due to the fun-ness, and seeing what I come up with. I'm really glad I'm not the only one, who still has dolls. Only if you're thinking so.

The doll(s), have a story to it, so hopefully I'll do that soon, only out of memory posting to sharing with others, to creativity behind them.

I thank you if you read this. I guess I'll add, dolls don't only have to be for childhood, they could have memories.
I have to wait to reveal £1 shop one(s), travel, to my home country, Jamacia. Childhood memos'!

I'll stop.

Take care for now,


  1. how can i join beau bloggers?

    1. Heys, and sorry for the late reply. I guess you've joined the community already, if I'm right? Lolls. Anyway, here's the link (for keeps :)): Plus, I saw your channel and loved it! Keep up with your good work. Take care always, and always feel free to ask if anything. Be sure to check out more of your vids soon.