Thursday, 27 August 2015

Planning Overuled

I planned to do a post yesterday, but it didn't go to plan.

The browser kept closing off (even later reading other blogs), there were links to do and I needed to explain the plan I have for my blog.

It didn't go to plan at all.

To summarise:

- there shall be no more planned posts...

- I'm going back to the original plan for starting a blog/blogging

- there was something about posts to do...? (Being secretive, ssh).

If things start to work correctly again, (it took time to know what the problem was - restart, tut), then I shall share the post I planned with the links I set. 
The links are important, from the support that has helped me.

I'm going to say the day before I had a rough night, but that's what got me to do that post.

I do hope having no schedules won't effect the way I blog, to how others view it.

I need to "come back down to Earth", and start again in a way ("to the original source", reference anyone?).

Anyway, before I finish this post, (what's with the 'thus', for 'this' - type), I am planning a design(...?) for October. 

Plus, I did my take on the "PowerPoint Challenge", inspired by 99designs [link].

(Which I didn't realise what it was now, lolls. I'm standing by what creation I done).

99designs [link] was recommended to me.
It allows designers, to show their work by challenges, have connections, enter contests, and more, from businesses.

If your a designer, I would recommend this site for you too.

So, that's my say for upcoming things. I'll do my best to showcase them.

May you take care, and feel free to comment.

If you're new, or a previous reader, I have thankfully changed the comment section. 

It's more "open", in a way, for comments.

Thank you,


  1. Great post !!! (as always )

    I love reading your blog :) Im doing a give away on my new video :)


  2. Thank you ever so much. And I'm so delighted to hear. I should've said first I just saw your video. So glad for the Bargains. I really love your vids to blog too, so keep up with your good work. May you take care, and thanks so much for reading. I really do appreciate your comments to supporting what I am to do.