Friday, 28 August 2015

Let's Talk About Big Brother...

...but not in the way you think.

Back Story:
For the past days, I've been having 'Big Brother' dreams (24/08/2015 - 26/08/2015). Within my "Dream Journal", I had drawn the house plan (my view), and thought of the housemates, even their outfits.

- I thank Professional Daydreamer x [google+], for sharing their dreams. It allows courage and it made me feel more open, to talk about my dreams and not feel alone within having them. If you know what I mean, lolls.

I've had dreams like this before, from watching Big Brother, but this one seemed real and I could see every detail.

Sounds crazy.

Within day dreaming, I drew outfits (preview above). This housemate I made up I guess, was wearing it.

It looked like the clothes trending today.
It made me think of the clothing that some previous housemates wore, how their modern and stylish.
I wanted to share this today, because of course, CBB (Celebrity Big Brother, Ch5) is back on UK screens (without warning me..!).

I got to watch some of it yesterday, and I do hope to catch it today.

It's weird and fantastic to view it again. The only thing wrong, for the normal Big Brother (2015) was the time changes. I guess they didn't say it well, unless you may have watched the show itself if so.

I said I would try, so this is a second chance I guess.

A personal note I would like to share. I don't watch Big Brother for the entertainment, I watch it to see how the housemates can live with each other and their interactions. I just get amazed.
How do they do it?!

It has opened my eyes about certain people. It does have a sense of scientific things behind it (My view, to extra shows they have too). I also like the tasks, just to see their creation (designers/makers).

Am I weird...?

I do hope anyone who's reading, may enjoy it the way I do. If you enjoy it for other reasons or don't watch it, feel free to share all you like about it (comment section, or contacts). I'm totally interested to see the other views on it.

Take care, and as always, thank you.

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