Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Introduction: N. Dylans + Co (Pr1)

Thus is another introduction, to the reason behind Posting V Projects [link]. (Part 2, in a way).

Part 1: Posting V Projects Post [link].

N. Dylans + Co [link] is my third project, but was the first I planned thoroughly.

I was looking for an artist name.
I researched, and came up with names, and this was the end name.

The 'Co', does mean company, but some of my designs are inspired and requested by other people.

It relates to art, but of different forms. Such as photography, sewing, illustrations, etc.

Collabed with:
- N. Dylans + Co [link] (Original Art Blog)
- Neeky_b [link]
- keelo15 [link]
- Spec-tacular [link]
- Outfits For One [link]
- Living, Writing + Posting [link]
- the tshirt club [link]
- xImmortalMindsx [link] (YT Channel)
- Spec-tacular + Co [link]
- Posting V Projects [link]

May you feel free to view these links, and thank you.
Take care

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