Saturday, 29 August 2015


Artwork Showcase, [link]

I'd thought to share with you this link (above), to discover another place I may update from time-to-time.

It's a site called It was recommended from a fellow BB (Beau Bloggers, [link]), JustAnotherGirl [Tackk] [Google+] [blog].

This update talks about the latest things I've done, to a draft image I showcased.

The reason to call it 'Artwork Showcase', is by what I've been doing lately to this day.

So, feel free to view. And I would also recommend this site to you. It's a bit like publishing your own articles website, in my own words.

Take care always, and feel free to comment your thoughts. Plus, are there any other sites you would like to recommend?
Feel free to share these too.

Enjoy Reading! And keep creativity.

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