Saturday, 1 August 2015

Most Want To Share All In One Day...

But We Can Only Share What We Can.

This Relates to me.

I would love my ideas to be showcased, to make way for new one's.

The amount of ideas, I would like to showcase, not all the space in the World can manage (preferably copy space).

I try, and I do what I can.
I've simplified, how i can showcase.
I know what I can use.

Though, I know my limitations.

I am a sickly person, but I know I have something that I can give back, to help others.

They're can be plenty of blog posts, artwork, etc. that I would like to do. But, plans may not go ahead sometimes - it's understandable.

It feels "cavey" sometimes. Like I'm crowded, to be warn out easily by rocky times.

*If you haven't seen my past posts, I suffer with severe migraine (not your typical one), and I have a mental illness. Mine is depression (I didn't understand this at first, like I do now).

I have my times of ups and downs (like everyone)?
However, when it comes to times when I am well, I'm all "set-sail".

**I need to do a post on, "daily task: your time", or something (lolls).

Living a life with illness, for myself, gets easier when I know how and what works to deal with it.

It's like a "not waste time" moment. But everyone has their rules, right?

*I'll be doing a post on, what's been annoying me lately (maybe friend characters included, lolls).

Take care all, and feel free to comment.

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