Sunday, 2 August 2015

What's Been Bugging Me Lately?

"It's because you have a lot of free time...".

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There's no need to say this.

Nowadays, I'm finding it hard when I'm told I have free time. I wish I knew where it was/is, (lolls).

**I don't like this to sound as a rant.

I feel offended.
I am unemployed, although it doesn't mean it's not for a reason, or that I chose to be.

We have to live with what happens, to the choices we make. It can't be helped sometimes.

I do want to say a new light on the situation.

From the way I'm bought up, I was told and directed, we have to go with our heart.

When others CHOOSE to not except the bad things that happen in life, it's truly bad.

I get annoyed, because even people who are close, choose to not acknowledge, that I would love to do something in my life.

Free time is a word used. I see this as a done time.

"My free time, is my over time".
**illness related, (again...?!).

It makes me feel like I should bow down, and take action to say, "I'm a sickly person. I wish to be like you. You're better than me"..? Is that right to say?

No, it's truly not.

No one, is greater than anyone else, especially on Earth and in space (remember the astronauts).

I'm tired of hearing it, but I bless anyone who get to do the things, they aimed to do. I salute you greatly.

May you all take care,

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