Friday, 31 July 2015

I've Been Inspired...

"When the Lord and yourself, show you the way, it is your choice to go or stay"
- (Sorry if you don't believe)

From what I've viewed this week, it makes me want to do more to express myself.

To share the same thought with others, I'd be glad. It makes me feel less alone (in thought).

I would like to do posts, but then do videos, relating to the posts (visual kind).

I've been guided to view:
- different vids (other than gaming), make up tutorials (the dramatic kind), artwork, room tours, DIY, etc.

- blogs (only a little, improve to look more**)

- artists pages, hand drawn, journals, etc.

And plenty more.

Before, I wasn't opening up to viewing beyond or knowing what to view. I was stuck. So, I gave it a chance, and they're truly amazing.

I share my (YouTube) finds, on twitter: 

** both usernames are linked.

I'm amazed to find people, who create and share their own style with others. It's fascinating.

To have their ideas come to life, is a (God) blessing (sorry...).

We've never been open to see this, (well...maybe others have). 

To see people accomplish, from what they do allows for like-minded people, including myself, to view our work as something "bigger".

I'm inspired!

I thank people for sharing. They create results.

"Good people, create good for others". 
Time to give back (in wanting to, of course).

Take care all who reads this,

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