Thursday, 13 August 2015

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Yesterday (12/08/2015), my migraine got the best of me.

I rested, I eat on time, but it didn't budge.
So, I would have liked to do some work yesterday, even today (I'll say after this), but I couldn't manage.

These are the days I don't like, but fear the most if I was working.

Yesterday the message of, "You're taking on too much", is true. So I had to stop.

For today, I have a slight headache (thank God), but I'm "not here".

I went on the road, and by time halfway into a walk, I went into an "auto-daze". 

To describe it, I was walking but not concentrating. Plus I was in and out of being conscious, that I was still on the road.

It was scary, but lucky I tried to concentrate where I was going. My mind was numb. And sadly, my smile went away.

I mostly smile a lot (nickname, "smiley" in 6th Form), but from these times, and when I over think bad things, my sadness to take over.

I need to force stop it sometimes, or I'll go into a deep depression. 

I do seek help, so no worries, but I need to catch myself before it gets to far. It is hard. 

However, realising the things or people who can help you, make myself feel encouraged to seek help.

** I may do a post on that. (Keep you posted).

For a end thought, this was a "free of mind" post. Just something for the day, plus if you see less of something that I do (may not be clear, lolls).

Example of this:
I checked my YT (YouTube) updates the other day, and I lost a subscriber. It doesn't bother me. 

Although for a update, I would like to get my blog post up (continuing, I love it), before I start to make videos again.

No rush. I love what I'm doing now.

Near the end of post...

- New Posts each 2 days.
The occasional ones in between.

- Tell me what you think. Every day, or every 2 days?

** (don't worry, I won't push myself to much again).
Feel free to let me know. Much appreciated.

Take care, and thank you.
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