Friday, 14 August 2015

Schedule Plan

I've been using schedule.

**similiar to what I do for blog posts. (Inspired by SuckerPunch (movie), *may not be suitable for all ages).

If you might have seen, or you're new to this blog (welcome), I've been planning posts, and scheduling them.

Apart from wanting to blog each day, I mostly get ill or I might be busy sometimes, when it comes to wanting to post.

I do want my blog to be a "people involved blog", so this is what helps me to post, when I'm unable to. 

Trust me, there's been weeks when I don't post, (and it makes me feel unhappy).

So, when it goes up, I read over, share (social network), or I share it as a "secret post". This is where I may post, but not share.

Hint: only the people who follow my blog will know. Ssh!

Feel free to share if it's working, or if there's a simpler way to blog. I appreciate it so much, and you'll help to share with others too.

Take care,

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