Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Birthday Theme

I know this may not be something new, but I thought of different themes, that a birthday party could intake (feature).

If I were to have a birthday party, it would be:

*Image from video featured, may not be suitable for all ages.

Tea Party

I did think of Kerli - Tea Party. But I've thought and liked to have a chilled birthday party. If it was my main thought, this would be it. *Including cakes!

Cafe Restaurant

Apart from looking, and feeling relaxed, it would be a good get together with friends and family. The food would have to be good.

Hint: some cafe restaurants do discounts, whether special occasions, and for groups, etc. Doing research could help (in shop, and if they're online). Look out for them!

Party Hall Centre

This is a classic. However, just to book a place where you get people you know together, is the most uplifting thing, even from my own experience going to a party (from these type of places). It's amazing.

These are all my selectives. I have been unfortuante to have birthdays themes like these, however these are my own thoughts, if I were able to.

Take care all, and as you can, enjoy any birthday.

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