Sunday, 12 July 2015


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It's so hard these days, to try and not do nothing involving work.

But you need them days to relax.

I always have difficulty. This is due to being a person, who likes to work and work, non-stop.

However, I'm having the effect of non-stop work.

Non-stop work makes:
- you ill
- eat less
- effects how you do things

It's really bad, to take advantage of the days you may have off, or set as an day off (being unemployed).

So, I've found some ways to stop, if I'm about to do anything work related.

For days off:
- you need to put everything a side, the day before your day(s) off

- try to look away from anything  work related (I know, it sounds weird)

- try and distract yourself. Example: With a movie, outdoor activities, read a book(s), fun activities, etc

There are so many things, that could be done.

It helps to:
- keep you relaxed
- take time to do things non-work related
- helps you manage the next working day with ease

Your mind could get more clear.

It takes time to settle and try not to do things on a day(s) off.
It sure won't be easy.

If it's unsuccessful, it would be the time to realise how useful it is now, than later.
It may have a bad effect(s) on your body and mind, if you don't use your day(s) off wisely.

Take care, and if you have any other suggests, always feel free to share.
You could be helping others too.

Thank you,
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