Saturday, 2 May 2015

What Stops Me From Blogging

I've noticed I haven't been blogging constantly, but I do it when I can, or when I'm able to.

The reasons I found for not blogging were:

- health (mentality, migraine)
- time...?

I question time, because it's my own fault. I have no set structure (which may help), however I do have time limits.

Example of time limits are, how long I do personal work for, and which times I relax and have breaks.

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For these, I also found solutions.

- to stop and chill (relax)
- remove thoughts, by stopping, taking a breath, and move to something relaxing

- to stop, and take a rest + relax

- to rest on time

I've tried these solutions, and some of them have worked. However, it's a start to put them into action.

So, may you take care, and I hope to have a routine soon.
I need to find one(s) that could help me.

If you have any reasons to not blog, or have any tips, feel free to leave a comment.

Sorry for the random.
Bies for now.

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