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The Bullies, Being Bullied + You...

The Bullies

Something and what people have said, make me realise why there are bullies.

Bullies like breaking people, emotionally, physically and mentally. Whether they don't like the person, or just want to pick on someone. For own personal gain? For an audience? To be popular? It is a question to ask.

There might be someone in their life doing the same. They should try and talk to someone, they trust and know they can trust.
There might be something in their mind, willing to hurt someone. They need to stop, before they hurt yourself. They may not see it now, but it can happen.
They may want to do it in front of their friends for popularity, or something to gain their respect.
It won't last forever. Truthfully.

There's friends, and real friends. The popularity can fade, and then where will they be.
The one's they call friends, go on their own way in the future.
I've seen it, and I know what they're like. The one's they used to know, fading.

It would be good, if they stop bulling others, and help get the best out of themself, no matter what others may say. It can be done, and the result of it, could lead them to other possibilities.

I've been bullied, and nearly became a bully. I followed people I knew and thought it would be a joke, because a book was funny. Realism, it was trouble.
Teachers and people you know and trust help.

Picking on the weak, or thinking something is a joke, goes so far. You get in trouble. Lucky it can be small. Too far, it's mega trouble.
Stop yourself.

For the...


I know how you feel, until the day someone I trusted, helped me. And the person they trusted, helped them, the bullies.

No information, however the reason I stopped getting bullied was the person they trusted, saw them bulling me, and they got in trouble.
From this, it made me realise why they acted that way. But the thing I didn't like, people their own age, bully people too.

When the days went by, and I remember them abusing me again, vocally, I just stopped, walked and I went straight to the teacher. It's not a 'chicken move', it's a 'why again?' move. Anyway, they stopped, but the 'evil eyes' look was there.
I didn't care, because we were doing something simple, and I wasn't doing anything wrong, so it had to stop. It made me upset, and them more vulgar to criticise...?
Not something for anyone.

If the bulling happened outside school, I was lucky there were loads of people I could trust, and they would help me. Which I am greatful for.
If it's outside school for you, is there anyone you can trust? Anywhere you can go to? Any other people you know who could help you?

Although, I see different kinds of bulling these days, recently and before, I was getting silently and comment bulling. Support online, and knowing what bulling was like, helped me get through and I used and use, ignoring (and deleting) nowadays.

The ones that help these days, are reporting and telling the ones who will help. Now it is by law, that person can get in trouble.

So, for my online support, I was thankful. I deleted it and this was years ago. I thought, it didn't go with what my space (MSN) was about.

For the past years of bulling, I realised one was just alone, and had troubles of there own. They bullied everyone. Through little years later, they got help, and now they're settled. I'm proud of them, and happy people supported them. Plus, I excepted the change.

Silent bulling, is when you can hear the person talking about you, but you can't do nothing about it, (is it correct, for 'nothing'?).
For my case, because I was bullied, I didn't see it as anything because they're doing it for and with other people. And the other was, they're old enough, so they should know better.

Maybe the are some factors of getting bullied, or what they see others do. To be good, isn't a bad thing. To be good, is to allow yourself to do good.

Rant over.
Part 2: Attention!

Posting V Projects

The reason to blog:

Joe Weller

Video for the help, and the excess criticism.

*may not have suitable language*

Take care.

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