Friday, 20 March 2015

The UK Eclipse

In the UK, there was an eclipse.
This happens when the moon, passes over the sun, and on Earth, this casts a shadow.

This happened in the morning, and some of the country went pitch black.

From where I was, I saw it and it looked good. But mostly amazing. It didn't go pitch dark, however the place didn't look normal and honestly, I nearly forgot it was going to happen.

The last time it happened, said on the news, it was 1999. I remember seeing it, due to the place I was there then. It was amazing then, as it was today. Wow, TODAY it happened to think of. It's mind blowing, although it takes time to stay there and watch.

I don't know whether I did it correctly, but I managed to take photos from a make shift 'telescope'.

First Test

On the news also, they said the next one is in the US and they gave an idea too, for a trip to go see it (if you can't wait for it to come back in the UK again). 
I think it's a really good idea truly.

Second Test
Result: I found both ways were correct. I was glad.

Take care, and hope you liked the photos. I tried.

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