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From Part 1: The Bullies + You...

Part 2

I reckon, at the age when someone should look up to you, is the time when you should be respectful.

I haven't realised the attitudes of primarily school, go into secondary school, into college and then into university, or work.
If you know why someone does this, feel free to comment.

Some attitudes throughout the years, along with bullies and bulling, should always change. Through older years, you should be shaping your future.

Another other time, going into a school shop, the worker said, 'if they paid attention in school, they could have had a better future'. It could have happened (paraphrase), and I've heard it many times.

It made me feel sorry for them, because I would like to understand, why someone doesn't pay attention, to regret in future. If not, or they do.

So, what would have changed if you did pay attention?
I don't understand why. It's new to discover this.

Anyway, hoped you liked and if you would like to share your thoughts, feel free to always comment on my blog.

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