Sunday, 8 March 2015

Job Searches + Troubles...?

As you do each week (hopefully), you start your search for a job. Easy, right...?

Not always....
Example: when I start searching, I need to consider distance, whether I can get there and if the work environment is OK.

This is because I get travel sickness, and if you're a reader, you know my health. If not, I suffer from severe migraines. (Plus, mentally, depression which I have, may not effect working environments so much. You have to be honest with your employers, or they may not be able to help you).

With this, an experience I've learnt with interviews and from a temp job, was the distance was OK. I could take the bus or taxi. 
My employers knew my condition and when the time came, they were so, so very supportive. 
Also I had days when I could have gotten sick on the bus, but due to distance and fresh air during walks, I was fine to carry on with them days.

For some jobs, it considers travel. Yeah take medication and what not, but for many days, no.

I love travelling, which is weird. But having travel sickness stops that.
What I do in them times, I look at the things around me. If I can't make it to the place I would love to go, books and looking at anything relating to the same thing, helps. It allows me to view and use what I couldn't have thought of "in a million years" (and makes me less sad of accomplishment, to travel to that destination).

I'm always thankful for anyone, or anything that helps me do things and give me ideas.

For job searches, I'll have to limit and use things, I would like to aim to.

Where's the sharing also...
This is sharing for now what is on my mind, and years of what I deal with. However, I feel it doesn't stop me from what I would like to do.

Mixture blog entry.

For anyone who needs help with job searches, my hint(s) is to:
- get an email address (libraries help)
- get newsletters from job search websites + companies
- check each week
Good job sites update each week with the latest
- look at (sounds weird) company windows whether they have vacancies
- some companies have online applications

Every job is there, it depends on where you look.

Posting V Projects signing off...
Take care, and feel free to stay in touch. Plus, feel free to view the latest blog entries.


P.s - a part time job is my all time search. I could cry.... (Due to wanting to do full time work). Although, never mind. Life choices and body conditions can effect that. Enjoy reading!

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