Monday, 9 March 2015

Blog. Log. What?!

This blog feels like a blog, which I've always wanted to do and feel good in doing.

Am I feeling good...?

Because I'm sharing with people my thoughts, no matter what it may be. No bad times with that. Yet....

So, for future posts, I guess I'll do lifestyle (whatever it is these days), like I said too designs and inspirations. Plus, my favourites as you may have viewed from the 'selection of the collection' blog posts.

And a feature to come, has to be 'living, writing + posting' posts, where I share with you some things I've written in my books over time. Ever since during and leaving primary school to be truthful. May be coming in April after Spec-tacular and my posting habits have gone out the window.

I do hope I can do this. So, I've also been thinking to do monthly updates of each project. (Yes! Finally project mentions).
My projects are:
- Artist
- t-shirts
- and many more
(Basically I can't be asked to remember them all, because they've been shared already. However, never been officially introduced.... One year, and no intro is very not me).

Although for the month sets, I shall continue to keep updated.

My days, idea of Mothers day came to mind. Then by then it's father's day. Joke and say I don't have a father anymore to share it, but I will celebrate that I had one.

Nice, nice.

Anyway, ending blog entry.
Take care,

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