Saturday, 7 March 2015

My Selection Of The Collection: One Stop Likes

Saw this image, and had to check out the website. have items with a bold print, popular but adding it to the least items with prints, make it different.
Plus, I loved they're colourful bags. It's playful.

Clothing, by Michelle Keegan

I know she's an actress, but I've not watched any episodes she's from or in. My bad. However, I know she does clothing, which are stunning. I viewed the Summer outfits she's done with They look unique and vibrant.
I espeically love the textured flower print skirt (which has a top), which I wasn't able to show. Fair enough., their lastest is a dungaree clothing which I liked. It's a cloth material, and looked like it could be worn casually or on Summer outings.
With this too, there's some heels with a animal print and I like the colour green they used for it.
These items I wasn't able to show either.


*These shops are not sponsored to this blog. Hope you will feel free to love and view their items.

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Last Update: Sat 7th March 2015

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