Sunday, 22 March 2015

Abuse Talk + How It Effects Me

Hearing in the news how some people go to the extremes to abuse people, and even ending in death, is a situation to ask why they do it, to what can be done to stop this happening.

Hearing these sort of abuse effects me, because it shouldn't happen in the first place. It's nothing that can be ignored, and it's frustrating that it still happens to this day.

The mind set of abusers, I feel are unstable, but it doesn't mean that they shouldn't be helped.

However, more help would have to go to the person who is and has been abused. It can take a lot to get back up, to the way they would want to be.

To think how much someone can effect and hurt someone so much, is terrifying, mind numbing and frustrating.
Let alone if they come back.

I've read, seen and heard abuse. I've always wanted to find and help a cause that helps victims. Plus, I would like to know if any persons life has changed.

It's a big thing, but it's effective in its own way to say.

Thank you, and I hope you share the same. Feel free to comment your thoughts.

Take care,
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