Saturday, 14 March 2015

Other Blogs...

Something to share.

My blog list.
This shall feature the blogs I would have wanted to do, or have done before this blog. I would love to show you the difference and maybe, the creations of the blogs I made.

They were all made around a year a go, so they may have or may have not been 'lifted' from the ground.

I still to this day continue the features, because they are projects I am currently doing. But to share what have as private to public (they were public for a little while), is another step for showcasing my projects to you, the viewers and readers.

May you enjoy them, and here are the links:
Artist Blog, aka N. Dylan's + Co

T-shirts blog, aka the tshirt club

Spec-tacular Blog, aka Spec-tacular

Diary entries, aka Living, Writing + Posting

Designs blog, aka Outfits For One

Main blog (at the time), aka Spec-tacular + Co

*all of these names and imagery for the projects, were made up in 2012-2013 by myself and others. Plus, using the platform Blogger.

With a thought, I couldn't keep updated with all of them due to going to the library and under estimated time limits. However, I do wish to continue them as a project feature for this blog.

Feel free to tell me your thoughts on them.

Take care,
Posting V Projects

P.s - for each project, there shall feature a little intro or link where the information can be found (hopefully all of them have one, written or on it's blog). So, for now just links. Enjoy!

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