Saturday, 14 March 2015

Thinking Of Featuring A Short Video...

In future, I would love to do collaborations.

With this, I would love to showcase others work. Plus, do an artwork along with them whether they tell me a subject or we share our work between ourselves.

Otherwise, I've always wanted to do a fashion show, with my old school and community.

All my fear go into being shy and thinking whether my planning would be effective. Also along with my health. 

If there was ever a solution, I would want someone to help me at every step. It would take time, but with the same passion comes determination.

For now, I do showcase my designs even if it takes a while. However, I see so much great start and actual designers which I am so happy to see, plus share with them.

The world can be a big place, but a small amount to know there are others, who share the same desire as you. It's just an aim, filling experience.

Anyway, I don't know for sure how collaborations on artwork goes. Although, if I were able to do my own collaborations, it would be as a subject form. Also, for now, when people ask to design things for them, from their preference I start with a design.

After I showcase this, whether it's right or wrong (it always needs a tweak). This can take many times, until there's the final work. 
And the design is complete.

I don't know what I'm trying to say, but designing for others and my own to showcase, is a thrilling process to go through.

If you want to be a designer, or any future profession, then I would say build up to it. Whether big or small.

Good ways.

Take care anyway,

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